DiskDigger v1.10 free download

DiskDigger v1.10

DiskDigger v1.10

DiskDigger – Full


DiskDigger – Full, DiskDigger is a program undelete and restore lost files from the hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drives name! If you accidentally delete some documents or photos from your computer to format the memory card from your camera, or if you want to see the files are hidden in a USB disk-old DiskDigger is here for you.


Now use the Ribbon interface, which contains navigation buttons (/ Next Back) configuration,nachaguzi recovery.

Each workflow part DiskDigger now has a help button, where you can get answers to common questions about the recovery process.

The deeper way, you can now save and restore the session (the Advanced tab).

In both methods in more detail, you can now save a detailed report (in the Advanced tab), which is unun record of all the files found by DiskDigger renewable with basic metadata for each file.

Improved disk imagesupport scanning. Furthermore, when vVkladka kuchaguagari click the disk image scan button. Ability for forensic scanning disk image, you can control the amount debytes by sector (up 1), to recover the files that can be aligned with the limits of the sector.

Added support to recover raw images with Panasonic / Lumix.

As mentioned earlier, now requires DiskDigger Net So it runs on Windows XP or Windows Vista, install .NET posiblementeCómprefor Microsoft, if not zrobitseёn installed on your system.

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