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February 12 just another day in the life amazes Sam until they become final. Still can not survive on the last day of the week describes himself unravel the mystery surrounding her death and found everything to be in danger of losing. What if you only have one day tochanges everything? Samantha Kingston has a whole: perfect friends, perfect man, a future that looks perfect. Then everything changed. After a hard night, Sam wakes up without any future. Caught prezhivyavasheV samahari again and began questioning how real life. And sincehe began to interpret the mystery of life slipped sharply, it must also be taken to the people closest to him hidden, and discover the power one day to make a difference not only their own lives but the lives of those around scope – before hiamser no good.

Samantha Kingston is a younga woman who has it all: love, crash-worthy, amazing best friends and drop dead gorgeous looks. Februari12 just another day in the life captured Sams, so cheOkazva that last. Still reliving his last day for one week without explanation, Sam untanglesthe mystery of his death and find the true value of all those who stand to lose.

SamanthaKingston (Zoey Deutch) seems to have it all: popularity, loving friend (Kian Lawley) a future that looks perfect. Everything changed in an instant when he died in a car accidentbut then miraculously awoke to find himself reliving the same yanghari repeatedly. As Samantase trying to interpret the mystery of life that is slipping, he must solve the secrets of the people closest to her and get gwybodSut to power one day I canMake a difference.

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Diablophotos is een bedrijf gevestigd in Halfweg. Ingeschreven bij de Kamer van Koophandel onder nummer 51576511. Tevens is Diablophotos aangesloten bij de Fotografen-Federatie (DuPho) te Amsterdam.


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